Cambridge International School St. Petersburg – IGCSE History

IGCSE: 20th Century – International Relations since 1919

AS Level – Modern Europe 1750-1921

Sailing against the tide: Tsardom and Russian Society c.1900

Russia – described by Churchill as ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’ by British political Winston Churchill in 1939 – was as juxtaposed, inscrutable and confusing a political and social entity in 1900 as it has been to many observers from the outside world before and after. Russia at the dawn ofContinue reading “Sailing against the tide: Tsardom and Russian Society c.1900”

Enter Bismarck, arise Prussia: The Road to German Unity 1862-66

Despite the failure of the ‘experiment’ of 1848-49 and the repressive and reactionary climate which followed, it can be argued that in the long term the seeds of Liberalism (and as it is Germany of the mid-19th Century, Nationalism by association) had been firmly planted to blossom at a later date. And whilst Prussia –Continue reading “Enter Bismarck, arise Prussia: The Road to German Unity 1862-66”

This blog will now be operating for both IGCSE History (years 10 & 11) as well as AS History (Year 12). Everything here will be of course posted on Edmodo as well, but I will try and make sure I have tags relevant to each course so as not to mix things up

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