Germany 1918-45 Depth Study

The German experience during the interwar period; from an embittered, confused and beaten nation in the immediate aftermath of WW1 through the rollercoaster ‘experiment’ of progressive politics, culture and expression that was the Weimar Republic to the totalitarian militaristic apex of human history (so far!) that was the Third Reich, is an era of human history that simply cannot be left untouched when analysing the past to look for answers for a better future.

Germany experienced a journey like no other society or people have endured past or present. Still arousing controversy and historical revision in the present day, the warning signs presented to us through our study of this period are ones particularly relevant to making sensible and rational choices in shaping our world today.

Links to all posts and associated media related to this unit are listed below!

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The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi’s: The Munich Putsch

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