Enter Bismarck, arise Prussia: The Road to German Unity 1862-66

Despite the failure of the ‘experiment’ of 1848-49 and the repressive and reactionary climate which followed, it can be argued that in the long term the seeds of Liberalism (and as it is Germany of the mid-19th Century, Nationalism by association) had been firmly planted to blossom at a later date. And whilst Prussia –Continue reading “Enter Bismarck, arise Prussia: The Road to German Unity 1862-66”

The German ‘Revolution’ of 1848

The ‘old order’ of post-Vienna Europe – that of absolute rulers and their reactionary plutocrats enforcing their rule on a subjugated population – seemed on the brink in the year of 1848. From Sicily in the south through the heart of Central Europe, voices for constitutional reform and national re-awakenings grew in tandem to generateContinue reading “The German ‘Revolution’ of 1848”

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