Enter Bismarck, arise Prussia: The Road to German Unity 1862-66

Despite the failure of the ‘experiment’ of 1848-49 and the repressive and reactionary climate which followed, it can be argued that in the long term the seeds of Liberalism (and as it is Germany of the mid-19th Century, Nationalism by association) had been firmly planted to blossom at a later date. And whilst Prussia –Continue reading “Enter Bismarck, arise Prussia: The Road to German Unity 1862-66”

The German ‘Revolution’ of 1848

The ‘old order’ of post-Vienna Europe – that of absolute rulers and their reactionary plutocrats enforcing their rule on a subjugated population – seemed on the brink in the year of 1848. From Sicily in the south through the heart of Central Europe, voices for constitutional reform and national re-awakenings grew in tandem to generateContinue reading “The German ‘Revolution’ of 1848”

The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi’s: The Munich Putsch

The year of 1923 seemed to point towards the impending collapse of the Weimar state; hyper-inflation, crisis in the Ruhr with the French and Belgian occupation and an increasingly disconnected, depressed and desperate population still angry about the humiliation of Versailles seemed on the brink. Emboldened by the rapid rise of his own party andContinue reading “The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi’s: The Munich Putsch”

Weimar Germany: The Roaring 20s and its ‘Golden Age’

“The foreign policy which the government has pursued since the end of the war rejects the idea of revenge. Its purpose is rather the achievement of a mutual understanding.” Chancellor Wilhelm Marx, February 1927 Despite the depths of both economic and political depression experienced by Germany in the ‘annus horribilis‘ of 1923, a combination ofContinue reading “Weimar Germany: The Roaring 20s and its ‘Golden Age’”

From War to Chaos … the birth of Weimar Germany 1918-1923

Here are the slides and associated worksheets for the opening lessons to our Germany 1918-45 depth study. ‌ So far we have explored the first moments of the post-WW1 Germany and the dawn of the Weimar Republic, exploring the challenges and threats the new government faced due to Germany’s defeat in WW1 and being forcedContinue reading “From War to Chaos … the birth of Weimar Germany 1918-1923”

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